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What we do

 - Grow, Dry, Store, Clean & Bag -

Nicolle Grain produces Food Grade, GMO-free Maize Grain and Popcorn.


We are vertically integrated, from growing through to drying, storing and cleaning of grains. This gives us control throughout the supply chain, and allows us to offer a complete service with product traceability back to the field. 

 Our state of the art processing plant and storage facility, ensures a constant and reliable supply of very high quality grains. 


We grow and process all our grain here in the beautiful Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

Our Story

Nicolle Grain was started in 2010 by Patrick and Belinda Nicolle, with the aim of growing and handling their own crops.


After moving to New Zealand from Zimbabwe in the early 2000's, they started a rural contracting business in the Hawke's Bay. Patrick's passion for farming drove him to start growing his own crops once again. This, coupled with the desire to 

handle what he had grown, lead to the formation of Nicolle Grain; a farming and grain processing business.  


Originally starting with one silo and a few hectares, the business has since grown to encompass a large 10 silo storage complex, a state of art drying and cleaning facility, and now crops several hundred hectares. The farming and grain handling company now runs alongside their rural contracting business, which focuses on the land preparation and planting of arable crops through precision agriculture.

Our Credentials
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